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Season 3 Episode 13

Runtime: 43 mins

Fringe S3 E13

Fringe Season 3 Episode 13


In the parallel universe, the Fringe team investigates the deaths of two people, killed by the apparently extinct "skelter beetle". With Fauxlivia's boyfriend Frank's help, they track the cases to Dr. Silva who had been trying to develop a cure for the avian flu prior to the extinction of the sheep, the only known hosts for the skelter beetles. Fauxlivia is caught by Dr. Silva when she and Lincoln locate him, and believes Dr. Silva has selected her for the final host to gestate the queen beetle sustaining the species. When the rest of the Fringe team arrives, Dr. Silva reveals he was the final host, and dies after extracting the queen. Frank finds that Fauxlivia was exhibiting early pains due to being pregnant, but realizes it cannot be his child, and leaves her. Walternate, knowing that Peter is the father, provides Fauxlivia with his full support, believing that this is another way for Peter to voluntarily return to the parallel universe.

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