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Season 3 Episode 16

Runtime: 43 mins

Fringe S3 E16

Fringe Season 3 Episode 16


The Fringe team investigates a case of thieves stealing rare metals that appear to float from the ground. Walter identifies traces of the elements osmium and lutetium in their blood, the alloy inexplicably creating a material lighter than air. They discover the culprit, Dr. Crick, an aerospace engineer who discovered the alloy and sought to try to detoxify it as a means to allow his paraplegic son to walk again. Walter realizes the strange properties of the alloy are due to further weakening of the prime universe as a result of his crossing in 1985, and determines that he must seek advice from William Bell. Believing that Bell had prepared to be returned through the use of "soul magnets", he strikes the bell that Bell bequeathed to Nina Sharp in his will. Simultaneously, as Peter is showing Olivia the five data disks he collected from the dead shapeshifters, Olivia is possessed by the spirit of Bell.

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