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Season 3 Episode 9

Runtime: 43 mins

Fringe S3 E9

Fringe Season 3 Episode 9


The Fringe team tracks down cases of people having had donated organs removed. They come to learn the organs all belong to the same person, Amanda, a young ballerina that committed suicide. They identify the culprit, Roland Barrett, a man that met Amanda at a suicide counseling clinic and became enraptured with her. Having reassembled her body from the corpse and donated organs, Barrett is able to bring her back to life but, when he looks at her, realizes that it isn't really Amanda he brought back. The resurrected girl later dies again. Meanwhile, Olivia attempts to adjust to life back in her world, and finds it emotionally difficult to cope with how Fauxlivia invaded Olivia's life, particularly her relationship with Peter. She breaks down at the end of the episode, blaming Peter for it. As Walter and Peter later go out for a milkshake, the Observer is seen watching them, and he reports on his phone that "He is still alive".

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