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Season 4 Episode 1

Runtime: 43 mins

Fringe S4 E1

Fringe Season 4 Episode 1

Neither Here Nor There

A week passes after the Fringe divisions in both universes have begun to work together to solve the impending collapse. Olivia investigates a case where Lincoln Lee from the prime universe witnessed a man with translucent skin attacking and killing his partner Robert (guest star Joe Flanigan) while tracking a sale of illegal weapons. Lincoln insists on following Olivia and the division around to solve the case for his partner's sake and he discovers that there is more than one victim and multiple bodies have turned up undisclosed by the Fringe division. They eventually track down not one, but two killers with the same translucent skin at their hideout and kill them, but not before the killers burn their research notes and a third suspect, unobserved, gets away. Olivia decides to bring Lincoln into the loop and have him visit the hangar with the doomsday device with both teams setting up inside the facility. Lincoln meets Fauxlivia as she is being informed by Olivia about a biological device recovered from one of the killer's bodies. Olivia deduces they are a new form of shapeshifters originated from humans. Throughout the episode, Peter Bishop appears and disappears and Walter gets a fright upon seeing him although not recognizing him due to the changed timeline. The Observer is sent to "correct" the timeline by erasing Peter's presence completely but does not go through in the end, while Walter is shocked to see Peter appear again on the reflection of his TV screen at the end of the episode.

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