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Season 4 Episode 12

Runtime: 44 mins

Fringe S4 E12

Fringe Season 4 Episode 12

Welcome to Westfield

Peter, Olivia and Walter come face to face with a Fringe event as they get trapped in Westfield, Vermont, a town that there's no escaping from and most of whose inhabitants act delusionally. Walter realizes they have been fused with their doppelgangers from the parallel universe, giving them a new set of memories. The town has been merged with its counterpart too, which makes it unstable. When it is on the point of collapsing, Walter and Peter locate an area that acts like the eye of a storm, and lead all survivors there. The rest of Westfield vanishes. The remainder of the Fringe team is able to reach the survivors and help them; Olivia learns that they found several strange devices equipped with amphilicite planted around the perimeter of Westfield and believes them to have been set by David Robert Jones. Throughout her stay in Westfield, she has remembered more and more things from the original timeline. At the end of the episode, she kisses Peter as though they are in a relationship.

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