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Season 4 Episode 17

Runtime: 44 mins

Fringe S4 E17

Fringe Season 4 Episode 17

Everything in Its Right Place

Lincoln Lee, following the death of his long-time partner and the recent changes in Olivia's memories that have caused her to forget her romantic meetings with him, struggles to find his place in the Fringe team. When running an errand in the parallel universe, he offers to help Fauxlivia with a case involving the murders of several criminals. During the investigation, he meets his alternate, Captain Lincoln Lee, and recognizes the close, romantic connection between Fauxlivia and Captain Lee. The Fringe division discover shapeshifter extraction marks in the bodies of the criminals, though more advanced than the means used by the initial models. After another attack on a criminal, the team finds and captures the shapeshifter. He calls himself Canaan and was the first prototype of a new kind of shapeshifter created by David Robert Jones. Broyles secretly contacts the Nina Sharp of the parallel universe, who arranges for a sniper near the building where Canaan is being held. When the sniper attempts to kill Canaan, Fauxlivia kills the shooter while keeping Canaan safe, but Captain Lee is injured and later dies in hospital. Canaan agrees to help Fringe and takes on the appearance of the sniper, allowing him to enter Nina's secured facility. He is able to override the facility's security controls for Fringe to raid the site. Nina and several others are captured. However, Captain Lee's death shatters Fauxlivia's emotions.


Agent Lee takes Canaan to the prime universe, where Walter and Peter promise to help fix him. Lee returns to help Fauxlivia recover from her loss.

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