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Season 4 Episode 18

Runtime: 43 mins

Fringe S4 E18

Fringe Season 4 Episode 18

The Consultant

In the prime universe, three people are killed by a mysterious force. Consulting the parallel universe's Fringe division, the Fringe team learn the counterparts of the victims died in a plane crash at the same time. Walter crosses to the parallel universe and determines that the two universes normally resonate at different frequencies, but that someone synchronized the oscillation of these three people. Then a woman in the prime universe, whose parallel universe counterpart drowned when her taxi drove into a river, coughs up water and suffocates. Examining the taxi, the team find a device filled with amphilicite, a mineral used by David Robert Jones. Walter concludes that Jones is trying to sabotage both universes.


Fauxlivia, Lincoln and Astrid suspect there is a mole within Fringe. Walter gives Fauxlivia the idea that it may be Broyles. She tricks Nina into revealing Broyles' complicity. Unknown to them, Broyles has agreed to collaborate with Jones in order to maintain a supply of life-giving medication for his son. Jones has recently given Broyles a device to plant within the bridge connecting both universes. The Fringe team track down Broyles, who gives himself up, having previously contacted his prime universe counterpart to arrange his surrender. Lincoln stays with Fauxlivia. Walter returns to the prime universe to study the device, recognizing it as Jones' work, and that if it had been planted, it could have collapsed both universes.

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