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Season 4 Episode 20

Runtime: 43 mins

Fringe S4 E20

Fringe Season 4 Episode 20

Worlds Apart

Several earthquakes occur at the same time and locations in both universes. The combined Fringe teams agree that David Robert Jones is behind the quakes; he is trying to collapse the universes. The idea of shutting down the bridge is brought up, believing that the bridge is enabling Jones' plan. However, this is considered a last resort, as destroying the bridge will affect the healing of the singularities in the parallel universe. When a second set of earthquakes occurs, the parallel universe's version of Nick Lane approaches Lincoln Lee of the prime universe. This way, the Fringe teams learn that Nick had visions of being at the epicenter of the quake before it began. Olivia in the prime universe concludes that Cortexiphan subjects like Nick's counterpart are the epicenter of the quakes, linking to their parallel universe versions to achieve synchronization. With the help of Nick from the parallel universe, his prime version is captured when attempting to get into the right position. However, earthquakes still continue across the world.


Walter and Walternate prepare to shut down the bridge before time runs out. Lincoln decides to stay in the parallel universe, where he feels at home. Walter and Walternate talk about Peter, Walter expressing concern that if the bridge disappears, so will Peter. The other Fringe members say their goodbyes to their counterparts. Eventually, the Machine is deactivated, and the universes are disconnected. To Walter's relief, Peter remains.

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