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Season 5 Episode 11

Runtime: 44 mins

Fringe S5 E11

Fringe Season 5 Episode 11

The Boy Must Live

The Fringe team locate Donald/September and learn that he is Michael's biological father and hid him in the present time. The other Observers took Donald's implant away and reversed his genetic modifications, making him completely human. They want to kill Michael because they consider him a genetic anomaly: He is at least as intelligent as them, but he also has feelings. Donald explains that the genetic modifications that led to the creation of the Observers could be prevented if Michael was sent to 2167 as living proof that greater intelligence is possible to achieve without sacrificing emotions. The timeline would thus be changed; the invasion would never happen. Exactly that is the plan that was developed by Donald and Walter. Windmark travels to 2609. He asks his superior for permission to erase the Fringe team's interference from the timeline, but that is considered too risky. In 2036, Donald has been tracked down, and the team has split up. Donald secretly tells Walter that he, Walter, will have to sacrifice himself for the plan to work. Then Donald stays behind while the rest of the team travel to a monorail station and board a train, avoiding Loyalists searching for them. Michael, however, gets off the train and allows Loyalists led by Windmark to catch him.

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