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Jonas Brothers


On its own, the song "Sucker" by Jonas Brothers might sound a bit common. But paired with the high-production music video, it ties it all together. The music video, released simultaneously with the single on March 1, 2019, makes up for the lack of depth in the song as it features Danielle Jonas, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, and Sophie Belinda Jonas, all of whom are the significant others of the three brothers (Kevin Jonas, Nick Jones and Joe Jonas respectively.)

The music video for "Sucker" was nominated for Video of the Year and Best Pop Video at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards, winning for Best Pop Video.

The "Sucker" video has reached 284 million views on YouTube as of September 2020!


Video Synopsis

The establishing shot sets the tone of the richesse and royalty to come, as it shows the Hatfield House in Hertfordshire. It was the home of the Marquess of Salisbury, where Queen Elizabeth I grew up and featured corgis, which are the favorite breed of Queen Elizabeth II. According to an interview with the director of the music video, Anthony Mandler, Hathfield House is one of the largest estates in England. A huge center fountain with modern art in it enhances the grandeur of the mansion, as a line of shrubs and trees lead the eye straight to the front doors of the home.


The music video is decadent and not at the same time. Everyone overindulges in gluttonous habits: stuffing their faces with cake, drinking then spitting out champagne in porcelain bathtubs, and using a space reserved for civility and politesse as a place to waste and party.


Fluffy skirts, showy jewelry, and colors contrary to typical royalty decorate each of the women, while each of the Jonas Brothers wear forgettable monochrome outfits. The mere costuming of each person reminds the audience of one thing: this is not just a song about their women, but it’s for their women.


Priyanka, Sophie, and Danielle play on old roles of sociability and courting. Their game of attraction is lightly feminist; they don’t chase after the brothers, rather they keep them wanting more. Sometimes they watch them and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they are nice and sometimes they are not. There is a clear sense of yearning, and in the end, each of the brothers succumb to the desires of the women, not the other way around.

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