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Season 2 Episode 24

Runtime: 43 mins

Lost S2 E24

Lost Season 2 Episode 23 & 24

Live Together, Die Alone

In flashbacks, Desmond is shipwrecked on the island and subsequently lives in the hatch with a man named Kelvin, whom he later accidentally kills. Meanwhile, Michael leads Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley to the Others, into a trap. "Henry", the apparent leader of the Others, takes Jack, Kate, and Sawyer as prisoners, releases Hurley, and allows Michael and Walt to leave the island on a boat. Desmond returns and says he believes that he caused the crash of Flight 815 when he entered the numbers into the computer too late. Locke stops entering the numbers and traps himself, Mr. Eko, Charlie, and Desmond inside the hatch, which implodes. In the epilogue, scientists working for Penelope Widmore locate the island.

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