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Prison Break

Season 5 Episode 6

Runtime: 44 mins

Prison Break S5 E6

Prison Break Season 5 Episode 6


Michael's party confronts Omar, who alerts ISIL; but they overpower ISIL and force Omar's compliance, heading to Phaecia, a human settlement in the desert capable of sending Michael's party abroad. A&W and Van Gogh are released on bail and convince a NSA insider to help track down Michael, whose party stops at a gas station, where Michael uses the internet to contact an unknown person in Portland, Maine, sending him a picture of his tattoos on his palms. Van Gogh alerts ISIL, who attack the gas station and kill Omar. Whip kills the ISIL operatives. Michael's party continues in the desert before learning about Cyclops chasing them. Michael takes one of the cars and lures Cyclops to a trap, where Michael blinds Cyclops' remaining eye but he is able to wound Michael with a poisoned blade. Ja helps the others find Phaecia, where they use fireworks to lead Michael to them, who falls unconscious after arriving. A&W and Van Gogh find Michael's contact, revealed to be an Elvis impersonator. Meanwhile, Agent Kishida replaces Kellerman's position, assigned to investigate his death.

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