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Prison Break

Season 5 Episode 7

Runtime: 44 mins

Prison Break S5 E7

Prison Break Season 5 Episode 7

Wine Dark Sea

Ja decides to stay in Phaecia while the others leave on a boat to Crete, Greece. Lincoln calls Sara and tells her about Michael's condition. She informs Jacob and goes to Crete by plane. She reunites with Michael and heals him. He reveals that Jacob is Poseidon, having framed the former for the murder of the CIA official. Sara returns to the U.S. to secure Mike, whom she entrusts to her friend Heather; but they are captured by Jacob and his operatives. Michael reunites with Sucre on board the commercial ship upon which he is working. The captain learns about Outis and alerts the authorities. Navy SEALs are dispatched to kill Michael. Sucre formulates a plan to force the SEALs away, which causes a frustrated Jacob to have a missile fired at the ship, which explodes just after Michael's party jumps overboard. Meanwhile, Kellerman's successor, Kishida, confronts A&W and Van Gogh for their clandestine operation, leading to the former's murder.

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