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Prison Break

Season 1 Episode 11

Runtime: 44 mins

Prison Break S1 E11

Prison Break Season 1 Episode 11

And Then There Were 7

Scofield is met by his wife, Nika Volek, who gives him a credit card. Bellick realizes that Volek is a prostitute and forces her to talk. She reveals that Scofield married her for her green card and tells him about the credit card. Scofield realizes that C.O. Geary has stolen his watch and asks Apolskis to steal it back, which he does. Westmoreland realizes that his daughter is dying and he can't see her before her death. He admits to Scofield that he is D.B. Cooper and the money is real and that he wants in, which Scofield accepts. Using the card and the watch, Scofield makes a recording device and realizes the time period of the guard shift around the infirmary, which is the place of passing the walls. While the team completes digging the hole, Scofield tells Lincoln that time is not enough for everyone to pass and one member must be omitted. Meanwhile, Quinn interrogates Donovan, L.J. and Savrinn, who's critically shot. They manage to escape after locking Quinn down in a well. Kellerman and Hale arrive and strict him in the well instead of saving him; since he is a problem for them.

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