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Prison Break

Season 1 Episode 12

Runtime: 43 mins

Prison Break S1 E12

Prison Break Season 1 Episode 12

Odd Man Out

Scofield tells the team about the extra member and they decide to cast out Bagwell; but he informs them that his cousin knows the plan outside and he'll call the authorities if Bagwell is not included. Abruzzi's men find Bagwell's cousin; but the man and his little child is killed in the struggle. Abruzzi feels guilty for everything he's done; but he decides to take care of Bagwell anyway. Bagwell swears to atone for his mistakes like Abruzzi did. The latter spares the former, giving him a chance to slit the latter's throat. Meanwhile, Lincoln is forced to assault Geary to cover for the team, which results in his abduction by the guards. Delgado informs Sucre that she is pregnant and he realizes that he tells her that he is getting out soon. Bellick forces Apolskis to spy on Scofield to avoid solitary for stealing from Geary. In the meantime, Savrinn is taken to a hospital. Hale feels guilty for his actions and plans to escape with his family. He calls Donovan and makes an arrangement.

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