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Prison Break

Season 1 Episode 15

Runtime: 43 mins

Prison Break S1 E15

Prison Break Season 1 Episode 15

By the Skin and the Teeth

Lincoln is surprised to see a specific man in the watching room. The judge calls and stops the sentence. Lincoln tells Scofield that the man he saw was their father. The judge states that he suspended the execution because he received a document showing a discrepancy in coroner's reports and orders an exhumation with a new test. Meanwhile, Scofield is trying to find a new way out. His plan is to get to the infirmary through the asylum. He gets a guard uniform from Sucre's cousin, Manche Sanchez, who works in the laundry. At night, he gets in the yard from a hatch, uniformed and thus not spotted by the guards. He gets to the asylum and finds the way; but he has part of his back burnt when returning. Bellick accuses Sucre of burning Scofield while Tancredi finds a C.O. uniform particle in the burnt tissue. The new coroner test surprisingly shows a match. Cameras show that Lincoln's father was the person who brought the report. It's revealed that he was a "Company" member and Lincoln wasn't picked randomly. Scofield realizes that a necessary part of his tattoo is gone as a result of the burning.

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