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Prison Break

Season 1 Episode 16

Runtime: 44 mins

Prison Break S1 E16

Prison Break Season 1 Episode 16

Brother's Keeper

Three years ago, Scofield was living a comfortable life while Lincoln was saddled with debts. His debts were paid by a man who forced him to kill Steadman in exchange. After Lincoln's arrest, Scofield blamed him for not using his share of the life insurance properly and ruining his life. Donovan revealed to Scofield that there had been no life insurance when his mother had died; Lincoln borrowed the money for Scofield to thrive and kept the truth hidden. Feeling responsible, Scofield planned the breakout. Tancredi used rehabilitation to quit addiction, where Bellick offered her the job in Fox River. Sucre attempted to rob a store to buy Delgado a suiting ring; Hector called the police and Sucre was arrested. Franklin served in the army when he saw prisoner torture. He reported the crime; but he was fired to prevent the scandal. He had to earn money by illegal goods transferring and was arrested, but kept it hidden from his family. Bagwell was in love with a widow who had two children. She had him arrested when she realized that he was wanted for child rape and murder. He promised to find her when he got out.

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