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Prison Break

Season 1 Episode 17

Runtime: 43 mins

Prison Break S1 E17

Prison Break Season 1 Episode 17


Tancredi reports what she found to Pope, who sends Scofield to solitary after he refuses to talk. Scofield apparently gets mentally ill. Bellick decides to bring more professional workers for the room. The team realizes that the hole must be covered soon. Since Sucre's cell has the only way to the room, he is picked for the job. He covers the hole and starts running in the courtyard before getting caught. With material provided by Bagwell, Sucre relatively justifies his action, but goes to the solitary anyway. Apolskis tells Bellick that the team is planning something related to the floor; but the latter doesn't find the hole because it was covered by Sucre in time. Because of the disappointment, Bellick puts Apolskis in a violent inmate named Avocado's cell. Scofield is taken to the asylum, where he is revealed to be healthy and this was a plan to reach Patoshik, who can help the former with his tattoo; but the latter doesn't remember anything. Meanwhile, Donovan's group recovers Quinn's cell phone to find clues. In the well, L.J. sees the name "Kellerman" carved by Quinn. He finds Kellerman's house and ambushes him alone. The police arrive and arrest L.J.

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