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Prison Break

Season 1 Episode 18

Runtime: 44 mins

Prison Break S1 E18

Prison Break Season 1 Episode 18


Scofield stops Patoshik from taking the medications and the latter begins to remember and draw the lost part. Officer Geary decides to sell Scofield's cell to the highest bidder. The team decides to buy the cell before anyone else finds its hole. First Franklin tries to get money from the black inmates, but Trumpets says that he is disliked because of befriending whites and then beaten up. The team starts gambling and wins a lot of money thanks to Bagwell's skills. They give the money to Geary; but he doesn't sell it to them and surprisingly keeps the money. Sucre tells Sanchez about their plan and agrees to include him if he helps them in their problem. Having completed the tattoo, Scofield tells Pope that it was Geary who burnt him, an accusation which is proved by the team's actions. Geary is fired from the prison. Meanwhile, Savrinn is approached by a man who instructs him to keep watching Donovan, who now represents L.J. too. Lincoln is granted a visit to L.J. While being transferred, Lincoln's vehicle is attacked on the road.

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