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Prison Break

Season 1 Episode 19

Runtime: 43 mins

Prison Break S1 E19

Prison Break Season 1 Episode 19

The Key

Aldo, Lincoln's father, arrives and saves him from Kellerman. Aldo tells Lincoln that the "Company" he worked for controls the U.S. government and it used Lincoln as a bait to stop him after he defied it. The police and Kellerman arrive in the scene. Lincoln informs the police in order to save himself from Kellerman. Aldo escapes and Lincoln is returned to Fox River and sent to solitary. Scofield needs the key to the infirmary. Apolskis is constantly raped by Avocado and refuses to steal the key for Scofield. Volek steals Tancredi's key. Scofield makes a copy and returns it to the infirmary. Having found out, Tancredi changes the lock and hinders the plan. Apolskis amputates Avocado's penis and the latter's revenge is certain when he is back. Meanwhile, Abruzzi is revealed to have survived the wound and returned, frightening Bagwell; but the former makes an apparent peace with the latter and promises Scofield to arrange the plane. Abruzzi is also revealed to be the man instructing Savrinn to watch Donovan. Scofield includes Apolskis in the plan; but the latter reveals it to Bellick, who finds the hole in the room.

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