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Prison Break

Season 1 Episode 20

Runtime: 43 mins

Prison Break S1 E20

Prison Break Season 1 Episode 20


Westmoreland attacks and locks Bellick under the room before he can alert the others; but the former is critically wounded. As a result, Scofield plans the escape for that night. Everyone should change their body smells in order not to be spotted by dogs. He also accepts Apolskis although he knows of his betrayal. Franklin is tasked to get detergents from the kitchen, where he is approached by Trumpets, whom the former beats up. Trumpets plans to kill Franklin. Scofield apparently finishes the Taj Mahal model for Pope, who in turn allows Scofield to visit Lincoln in the solitary. Scofield reveals his plan to Tancredi, begging her to leave the door open when she leaves at night, saying that she knows Lincoln is innocent. Abruzzi informs Savrinn to bring Donovan on time. As Donovan prepares to go to Montana for a clue, Savrinn pulls a gun on her. Meanwhile, Reynolds is refused as the presidential candidate by the party. The model collapses as Pope tries to move it. He immediately calls Scofield to the room, where the latter pulls a knife on the former.

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