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Prison Break

Season 1 Episode 21

Runtime: 43 mins

Prison Break S1 E21

Prison Break Season 1 Episode 21


Scofield forces Pope to order the transfer of Lincoln to the infirmary before locking him in the closet. Tension rises when Trumpets tries to kill Franklin; but the latter hides successfully. The team start the escape from the hole in Scofield's cell. They arrive and secure Bellick before he can alert the others. Scofield wears Bellick's uniform and tells the others to wear the clothes made white using the detergents. The team uses the clothes to get in the asylum without arousing suspicion. They realize that Tancredi has left the door open for them. Having followed the team, Patoshik forces them to let him in. Westmoreland succumbs to his wound after telling Scofield of the location of the money, which is 5 million dollars. A few others hear that too. They use the cable to pass the wall one by one. Sanchez breaks the cable and falls because of his weight. Meanwhile, Savrinn decides to release Donovan, who takes the plane to Montana. Abruzzi's thug kills Savrinn and his father. The Company decides to get rid of Reynolds. Pope is found and freed and triggers the alarm.

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