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Prison Break

Season 1 Episode 4

Runtime: 44 mins

Prison Break S1 E4

Prison Break Season 1 Episode 4

Cute Poison

Patoshik is obsessed with Scofield's tattoo; knowing it to be a path. Abruzzi pushes Scofield to take care of Patoshik. When Sucre discovers that Hector is making a move on the former's fiancee, he decides to join Scofield's plan; but the latter tells him that he needs to get rid of Patoshik first. Scofield forms a hole to the infirmary using chemicals provided by Abruzzi and Patoshik's toothpaste. After a scenario made by Scofield, the guards take Patoshik away and Sucre is returned. Sucre starts a commotion in the block to cover for Scofield's noise. Scofield manages to open a hole behind his cell's toilet, opening a way to the corridors behind. In the meantime, with Lincoln's hint, Donovan asks Project Justice for help, which is denied; but Nick Savrinn from the Project decides to join her investigation. Kellerman and Hale learn that Scofield and Lincoln are brothers and arrange to transfer Scofield to a different prison the following day.

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