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Prison Break

Season 1 Episode 7

Runtime: 42 mins

Prison Break S1 E7

Prison Break Season 1 Episode 7

Riots, Drills and the Devil (Part 2)

Governor Tancredi, Sara's father, arrives in the prison personally with plans on having the prison raided, which is agreed by Bellick but not by Pope. Scofield manages to rescue Sara from the violent prisoners in sickbay. After a difficult fight and flight, the duo are able to evade the prisoners, and Sara escapes outside to safety, while Scofield returns to his cell. She realizes that Scofield couldn't have accessed the infirmary easily. Sucre and Abruzzi continue digging with the risk of blowing a gas pipe; but they eventually break through the wall. After a fierce fight, Lincoln manages to kill Turk, the former failing to find out who wanted him dead. At the end of the riot, Bagwell kills the C.O., even after being told not to, before taking the latter's daughter's picture. Donovan and Savrinn arrive in Washington, D.C. and find out that the call was from a phone booth outside an empty building. They receive a phone call with a mysterious voice threatening their lives.

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