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Prison Break

Season 1 Episode 8

Runtime: 44 mins

Prison Break S1 E8

Prison Break Season 1 Episode 8

The Old Head

Scofield states that they need to dig the guards' room for the plan; but access to the room is restricted and Westmoreland is the only inmate allowed; but the latter doesn't want to have anything to do with Scofield's plan. Meanwhile, the C.O.s are actively looking for the inmate who killed one during the riot. Bellick asks Westmoreland about the murderer, but he chooses silence; and Bellick kills his cat for revenge. Bagwell asks Trokey, his friend, to take the blame; but the latter denies it. However, the former sets up the latter and the case is closed. In response to Bellick's deed, Westmoreland grants Scofield's request and burns the guards' room while he also puts the blame on Bellick. Scofield's team are called to repair the room, giving them a chance to dig. They finally accept Bagwell in the team. Meanwhile, a murder attempt on Donovan and Savrinn results in her neighbor's death. The duo escape while they're believed to be dead. Kellerman and Hale kill L.J.'s mother and stepfather and set up L.J. for it. The Vice President is revealed to be the woman to whom Kellerman is reporting.

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