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Prison Break

Season 2 Episode 12

Runtime: 44 mins

Prison Break S2 E12

Prison Break Season 2 Episode 12


Scofield reveals that he was abused by his foster father before Aldo arrived, killed the man and saved the former. Aldo tells Scofield about the tape and that they don't need to run anymore. They are attacked by Mahone, who fatally shoots Aldo. Tancredi manages to escape from Kellerman. Kim casts Kellerman out because of his failures and removes everything that proves the latter's existence. After burying Aldo's body, Scofield and Burrows decide to stay and fight instead of running; and Sucre enters the plane alone. Meanwhile, Bellick keeps lying to the police until the message he left for Geary is found, and the former is arrested for murder. Kacee finds out that they have left their daughter, Dede's medications behind. The former goes to a drugstore, where she is spotted and arrested. Mahone is late to stop the plane, but manages to find Scofield and Burrows, who try to call Tancredi, and intercepts them.

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