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Prison Break

Season 2 Episode 14

Runtime: 44 mins

Prison Break S2 E14

Prison Break Season 2 Episode 14

John Doe

Burrows recognizes Kellerman and tries to kill him; but he convinces the brothers to trust them by revealing to know Steadman's whereabouts. The trio take a plane to Montana. Mahone tells Kim what happened; and the latter orders the transfer of Steadman; but the trio arrive in time and abduct Steadman. Mahone refuses to work for the Company anymore before his son is attacked he is forced to finish his mission. Meanwhile, Bellick is annoyed by Banks and his fellow inmates. Bellick beats them up using the element of surprise. They plan revenge and at night, the shift guards, who work for Banks, open Bellick's cell for them. Bagwell stops Hollander and her children from leaving. Kellerman reveals that they have removed Steadman's identification documents and had him surged so that no one can recognize the latter now; but Scofield calls the press in order to reveal the truth anyway. Steadman takes a gun and kills himself. The police arrive and surround the motel.

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