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Prison Break

Season 2 Episode 16

Runtime: 44 mins

Prison Break S2 E16

Prison Break Season 2 Episode 16


The trio unite with Tancredi, who tells Scofield what Kellerman did to her; but Kellerman regains his position by revealing that Tancredi's key belongs to a private club in Chicago. They board a train, in which Tancredi tries to kill Kellerman anyway. The police catch four people who jump out of the train, but realize that they are not Scofield's team and the real four leave the station in Chicago. Hollander has a guest and Bagwell decides to move the family outside the city. While Benjamin and Dede are in a diner, it is attacked by a mentally unstable robber. Benjamin tries to solve the situation peacefully; but he finally attacks and locks the robber and the others help him escape the police with Dede. Mahone fails to convince the warden for Bellick's request, but offers Bellick freedom in exchange for doing the former's dirty work, which the latter accepts. He finds Patoshik and chases him to the top of a tower. Mahone arrives and allows Patoshik to kill himself as Kim has ordered the death of all the escapees. Kellerman finds out that the woman on the phone is not Reynolds and gets determined to help the brothers Scofield and Tancredi arrive in the club.

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