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Prison Break

Season 2 Episode 18

Runtime: 43 mins

Prison Break S2 E18

Prison Break Season 2 Episode 18


The trio listen to the recording and Lincoln finds a lawyer affiliated with Aldo's group. They arrange a meeting with the lawyer, where a man arrives and Burrows makes sure he is not followed and then leads him to Scofield. Meanwhile, Tancredi is approached by Bennett, who convinces her that he doesn't work for the Company. The two find the real lawyer and try to warn the brothers; but Scofield has already found out and escapes. The lawyer listens to the recording and states that its contents will not exonerate Burrows, but can be used to prosecute Reynolds; and the brothers decide to blackmail Reynolds with it to get pardoned. Meanwhile, Bagwell assumes an identity and takes a plane to Mexico. Sucre and Delgado arrive at his aunt's. Bellick convinces Sanchez to reveal Sucre's whereabouts. Kellerman meets his sister and says goodbye to her, intending to kill the president. Franklin sends several messages to Scofield's website, but receives no reply. Mahone gets a lead on Scofield and instructs Franklin to kill himself.

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