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Prison Break

Season 2 Episode 19

Runtime: 44 mins

Prison Break S2 E19

Prison Break Season 2 Episode 19

Sweet Caroline

Franklin is saved by the guards and is interrogated by agent Wheeler, who works with internal affairs against Mahone. Reynolds gets a note from Scofield about the tape before the agents abduct him to a room; and Kellerman leaves the scene. Kim starts torturing him until Reynolds arrives and demands to hear the recording. Burrows plays it on the phone, revealing an incestuous relationship between Reynolds and Steadman. Reynolds agrees to pardon the brothers. Meanwhile, Bagwell arrives in Mexico and has a fight with a guard. Sucre sees him on TV and leaves to claim the money; but when he returns, Bellick captures him and he tells him about the money Bagwell has. Mahone finds Tancredi and fails to make her talk. She escapes and this is revealed to be Mahone's plan so that agent Lang can follow her. Before Reynolds moves to her press conference, Kim states that they know her secrets too. Reynolds announces her resignation, ruining Scofield's plan and the brothers decide to disappear.

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