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Prison Break

Season 2 Episode 2

Runtime: 43 mins

Prison Break S2 E2

Prison Break Season 2 Episode 2


By previously fired C.O. Geary's testimony, the authorities suspend Pope because of giving special privileges to Scofield and fire Bellick for selling the P.I. rights to Abruzzi, who is one of the escapees. Bellick realizes that the government has put a bounty on the capture of each of the Fox River Eight. The team separates and Lincoln convinces Scofield to save L.J. They ride on a car Scofield had inserted in a garage. They stop to buy necessary material before being spotted by the police and forced to leave the car behind. Lincoln calls L.J. and instructs him what to do; but the plan is stopped by Mahone and the brothers escape with Lincoln being shot. L.J. is transferred to be incarcerated in Arizona. Meanwhile, Bagwell has his hand rejoined before killing the doctor and taking his car, intending to go to Utah, where Westmoreland's money is hidden. Apolskis continues pickpocketing and accepts a girl's request to accompany her to Utah.

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