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Prison Break

Season 2 Episode 20

Runtime: 44 mins

Prison Break S2 E20

Prison Break Season 2 Episode 20


The brothers get in a ship headed to Panama and await Tancredi, who is arrested by the FBI. Mahone is obsessed with Scofield's plan and finds the last phase to be in Panama. Meanwhile, internal affairs agent Sullins makes a deal with Franklin to expose Mahone. Franklin is given witness protection with his family. Kim reports the situation to an old man. Kim offers to help Mahone disappear if he finishes his mission, with Bagwell being the exception. Mahone travels to Panama. Bagwell kills a prostitute who insults Hollander and narrowly escapes from Sucre and Bellick. Sucre tries to get rid of Bellick; but the latter reveals that Delgado is locked and won't be freed until he finds the money. Bagwell meets another prostitute. Scofield gets the boat he had ordered before getting incarcerated and the brothers start to sail before Scofield getting a message on his website from Sucre about Bagwell's situation, which is actually sent by Mahone.

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