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Prison Break

Season 2 Episode 21

Runtime: 44 mins

Prison Break S2 E21

Prison Break Season 2 Episode 21

Fin Del Camino

Scofield leaves Burrows and arrives at the motel Bagwell is staying. He reunites with Sucre and Bellick and they decide to work together to reach their goals. They lock the Company agents outside after following Bagwell to another location and enter the house, where Bagwell has put a dead body and called the police, who arrive and arrest Bellick while the others escape, having captured Bagwell. Meanwhile, Mahone has been tailing Scofield too, but is intercepted by Burrows, who wants revenge for Aldo's death. Kellerman attempts to kill himself; but his gun is jammed and his sister states that he can begin anew. Bagwell escapes on the way to the embassy, with Sucre getting wounded. Scofield locks Bagwell for the police to capture him and leaves with the money. In the meantime, Tancredi is nearly convicted in the court until Kellerman arrives to testify for her. Scofield arrives at the boat before Mahone calling and telling him to bring the money and the boat in exchange for Burrows.

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