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Prison Break

Season 2 Episode 3

Runtime: 43 mins

Prison Break S2 E3

Prison Break Season 2 Episode 3


Bellick faces Geary and has a fight with him; but they decide to work together to get the bounties. They force failed escapee Sanchez to talk. The brothers arrive in Volek's house, where Lincoln is treated. Scofield returns and gets his car back before getting caught; but when he searches the car, he realizes that the bag is gone. The brothers explode the car with two pieces of flesh in a road designated on the tattoo, making the authorities believe that they are dead; but Mahone becomes suspicious. They join Volek, who has been followed by Bellick and Geary. Meanwhile, Sucre learns from his friend that Delgado is going to marry Hector in Las Vegas. The former takes his friend's bike and starts riding towards Vegas. Franklin manages to convince his wife, Kacee, to understand him, as she didn't know he was in prison and why. Tancredi is arrested and joins rehabilitation on her father's advice, where Kellerman introduces himself as an addict with another name.

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