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Prison Break

Season 2 Episode 4

Runtime: 44 mins

Prison Break S2 E4

Prison Break Season 2 Episode 4

First Down

Scofield, Volek and Lincoln are attacked and captured by Bellick and Geary, who want Westmoreland's money instead of the bounty. The duo have a tire puncture caused by Lincoln and Geary takes the tire back to town while Bellick locks the trio. Volek takes Bellick's knife while having sex with him and frees the brothers, who imprison Bellick and later Geary. Bellick reveals Tancredi's condition, causing Volek to try to deliver the brothers for the bounty instead of Westmoreland's money; but she fails and is forsaken in the road. Meanwhile, Apolskis gets involved with the girl without telling her who he is. Abruzzi is informed of Fibonacci's whereabouts; and the former goes to kill the latter; but it is revealed to be a ruse by Mahone to capture him. He refuses to surrender and is fatally shot after pulling his gun. Mahone is blamed for the way he handled the situation. Kellerman and Tancredi get closer. The FBI discovers that the brothers are still alive.

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