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Prison Break

Season 2 Episode 6

Runtime: 43 mins

Prison Break S2 E6

Prison Break Season 2 Episode 6


Scofield finds out that the money is under the foundation of a house, where a middle-aged woman lives. Apolskis arrives with the stuff and they pose as electricity company contractors who wish to repair the house power supply, which is cut by them deliberately. The woman agrees and they start digging. Sucre meets Franklin on the road and gives him a ride. They join the others in digging. Apolskis is sent to fuel the car. He is spotted in the station and starts running before being captured by Mahone, who demands him the others' whereabouts. Meanwhile, Patoshik is roaming the streets without purpose. He gets in a house and is attracted by a painting of a countryside house and steals it. Governor Tancredi meets Kellerman, who introduced himself as Sara's friend. Bagwell gets the displeasure of the woman, who demands the escapees to leave. They notice a policewoman stopping by the house.

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