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Prison Break

Season 2 Episode 7

Runtime: 44 mins

Prison Break S2 E7

Prison Break Season 2 Episode 7


The policewoman is revealed to be the middle-aged woman's daughter. They lock both of them down and continue digging. Lincoln leaves the team when he hears that L.J. is exonerated and will be released, a trap made by Kellerman, to capture Lincoln. The team eventually finds the money. Sucre pulls a gun on them. Meanwhile, Mahone apparently succeeds in making a deal with Apolskis for taking the agents to the house; but the latter goes to his girlfriend's instead and tells her to wait for him before being taken away. Mahone decides to transfer Apolskis alone, stops the car on the road and kills Apolskis in cold blood. Meanwhile, Patoshik starts building a boat. Sara arrives in her father's house and finds him dead, seeming to be suicide. She gets a key which was in his possession. Kellerman blames Kim for how he handled the governor; but the latter reveals that the same thing is planned for Sara.

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