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Prison Break

Season 2 Episode 8

Runtime: 44 mins

Prison Break S2 E8

Prison Break Season 2 Episode 8

Dead Fall

Sucre takes the whole bag without sharing the money. This is revealed to be Scofield's plan in order to have more share; but they realize that they have the wrong bag. Bagwell is revealed to have the money, intending to find Susan Hollander, the woman who informed the police and had him arrested. While running, Sucre gets stuck in a river; but Scofield manages to save him. Sucre finds out that Delgado canceled her marriage and decides to find her. Using the money they still have, they buy cars and separate. Lincoln finds L.J. and they flee the Company operatives. Bellick and Geary realize that Bagwell has the money and figure out where he is headed. Meanwhile, Tancredi narrowly escapes a Company operative after they mistaken someone using a payphone as her. Tancredi calls Bruce Bennett, her father's associate, for help and realizes he sent them to kill her and is part of the Company. Kellerman recovers the encrypted messages Tancredi received from Scofield while she is decrypting them. Mahone is revealed to be working for the Company.

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