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Prison Break

Season 3 Episode 1

Runtime: 43 mins

Prison Break S3 E1

Prison Break Season 3 Episode 1


Scofield, Mahone, Bagwell and Bellick are incarcerated in Sona, a prison run by the inmates and where personal problems are solved in the ring, where two inmates duel until one is dead. Lincoln arranges for Scofield's transfer, but is approached by Susan B. Anthony, a woman working for the Company, who reveals that they have L.J. and Tancredi and will release them if Scofield breaks out an inmate called James Whistler. In Sona, Norman "Lechero" St. John, the inmate leader, tells Scofield that he knows the latter's identity and won't allow another breakout. Bagwell becomes one of Lechero's henchmen while Bellick is forced to clean toilets, where a man hidden behind a wall gives him food in exchange for an errand. An inmate develops a problem with Scofield, orchestrated by Lechero, and the two enter the duel. Bellick puts a note in each dueler's pocket. The fights starts and Scofield overpowers the other, who pulls a knife, which is illegal, before Mahone interfering and killing him. Lincoln tells Scofield of the Company's demand. Outside, a woman recovers the note from the body.

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