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Prison Break

Season 3 Episode 10

Runtime: 44 mins

Prison Break S3 E10

Prison Break Season 3 Episode 10

Dirt Nap

Having dealt with the symptoms, Mahone is back to the plan and Bagwell is included. Sammy casts Lechero out while the team is working underground. Bagwell encourages Bellick to use the same trick to kill Sammy in exchange for getting in the team. Bellick challenges Sammy to the ring before realizing that the chemical is finished, making his death certain. The duel starts and before Sammy can finish him, his men inform him of Scofield's whereabouts. They force Lechero to open the inside door. The team tells Sammy about the plan. As the latter takes a look at the hole in the ceiling, it collapses, caused by Scofield, and kills him before Lechero killing the others and regaining his position in Sona. Bagwell agrees to include Bellick anyway. Meanwhile, Sucre gives Morgan wrong information to maintain his cover. Lincoln buys a bomb and Sucre puts it in Morgan's car. Lincoln and Lugo get closer while they find out that Whistler is more than what he pretends to be.

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