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Prison Break

Season 3 Episode 11

Runtime: 44 mins

Prison Break S3 E11

Prison Break Season 3 Episode 11

Under and Out

Gallego begs Scofield to include him; but he believes the former is safer inside because of what the latter has experienced. The rain makes the collapse of the tunnel certain, making Scofield move the plan for that night. The team starts digging faster for the schedule. Morgan finds the bomb Sucre had planted and takes Lugo as another hostage. The former gives Whistler a watch showing the remaining time before Lugo is killed. Scofield decides to include Gallego and tells him to have his father contribute to the plan. As Sucre tries to leave to do his part, he is stopped by a guard who has found illegal background in his faked file. Scofield tells the team that the lights will be off for only 30 seconds and that is all they have. Lechero, Bagwell and Bellick force Scofield to let them be the first ones in line because of the shortage of time. Lincoln hijacks a bus and uses it to bring down the electricity pole supplying Sona. The lights go off and the team has 30 seconds.

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