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Prison Break

Season 3 Episode 12

Runtime: 43 mins

Prison Break S3 E12

Prison Break Season 3 Episode 12

Hell or High Water

The first three run towards the fence; but the lights go back on and Lechero is shot. The guards enter the no man's land and rush inside the prison. They start torturing Bellick, who finally breaks and shows the underground after the four use the cars as cover to escape. They keep running towards the beach with the guards on them. They team up with Lincoln and they use oxygen capsules to swim underwater towards their destination, which is a sea beacon. They await Sucre's arrival with the boat, but he is still stuck in Sona. Gallego's father arrives with the boat and takes them to the dock, where Gallego separates and the four get in a car before realizing that they are chased by the Company operatives. Scofield realizes that Whistler's watch has a tracker and throws it away. They manage to lose the Company men and get in a warehouse. Lincoln decides to kill Mahone for revenge; but is distracted by Whistler's escape and consequently Mahone escapes. The brothers go after Whistler. In Sona, Bagwell recovers Whistler's book and reveals Sucre's identity to the guards.

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