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Prison Break

Season 3 Episode 13

Runtime: 44 mins

Prison Break S3 E13

Prison Break Season 3 Episode 13

The Art of the Deal

The brothers manage to find Whistler and arrange the exchange in a public place, where Scofield has designated for only making sure that L.J. and Sofia are fine. Scofield arranges the exchange to be in a museum. Morgan is forced to remove her weapons in order to enter the museum. L.J. and Whistler are exchanged and Sofia realizes that Whistler is a Company man and decides to go with Lincoln. Having predicted that Morgan has put an operative on every exit, Scofield triggers the alarm and they exit the main door before a shootout ensues between the Company men and the police. Scofield moves to kill Morgan; but his hesitation lets her leave. Sofia is wounded and taken to a hospital. Meanwhile, Bagwell gets money from Lechero's concubine, kills him and the inmates accept him as the new leader. Sucre doesn't break after a long torture and is sent inside Sona. Mahone joins Whistler's plan. Gallego and his father successfully pass the border and join the family. Scofield decides to find and kill Morgan, starting with Whistler's apartment.

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