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Prison Break

Season 3 Episode 2

Runtime: 44 mins

Prison Break S3 E2

Prison Break Season 3 Episode 2

Fire / Water

Having befriended Luis "McGrady" Gallego, a basketballer, Scofield learns from him that Whistler is imprisoned for murdering the mayor's son; and the mayor has offered a private and easy trial for anyone who kills Whistler. Bellick tells Scofield who gave him the note and he deduces that it is Whistler. The prison's water supply is cut, starting a progressive riot against Lechero. Meanwhile, Lincoln gets the note from Scofield and intercepts Lugo, taking the book she recovered from the address. Anthony forces Lincoln to give her the book, but he surrenders a copy and keeps the original. Sucre learns from Bellick that the latter never captured Maricruz. The former calls her and says that he will stay away from her for the good of her and the baby. Bellick reveals Whistler's whereabouts to Lechero in exchange for food and clothes. His men go to capture him, where they see Mahone, who has his own plan to kill Whistler; but Scofield manages to reestablish the water supply, ending the riot for Lechero and the protection of Whistler in exchange.

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