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Prison Break

Season 3 Episode 3

Runtime: 44 mins

Prison Break S3 E3

Prison Break Season 3 Episode 3

Call Waiting

Scofield receives a picture of Tancredi, in which she is pointing a location in the newspaper. He tells Lincoln that he needs to talk to Tancredi. Lincoln refuses to give Sucre money, as the latter didn't accept to help him. Scofield learns that Sona phone lines are cut and only Lechero has a cell phone. The former forces Bagwell to get him the phone, otherwise he will reveal the latter's pedophile attributes to the inmates. Lugo tells Whistler about Lincoln's deed. Lincoln and Anthony arrange for the call. Tancredi gives Scofield another hint to find her and L.J. Lincoln manages to locate them; but the Company operatives are able to abduct them again. Lechero finds the unknown number in the call history and tells Sammy, his associate, to investigate it. Lechero begins to suspect that his drug business is manipulated by others. Sammy and the rest of Lechero's men show displeasure upon Bagwell; and he tells Lechero that his men are conspiring against him. Anthony tells Lincoln to get the package she left in the garage, which shocks the latter.

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