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Prison Break

Season 3 Episode 4

Runtime: 44 mins

Prison Break S3 E4

Prison Break Season 3 Episode 4

Good Fences

Scofield tells Lincoln that the gravedigger of Sona is needed for the plan. It is revealed that what Lincoln saw in the box was apparently Tancredi's head; but Lincoln decides not to tell the truth to Scofield. Sona's power supply is damaged and Lechero makes a deal with Scofield to fix the supply in exchange for the first cell to the East. Scofield tells Mahone that he is included in the plan. Bellick knows that Scofield is planning a breakout; and after Scofield refuses to include him, he reveals it to Lechero; but Scofield persuades him that Bellick is lying; and Lechero punishes Bellick by burning his back with hot coffee. The power problem, which is revealed to have been orchestrated by Scofield, is fixed and he moves to his new cell to continue his plan. Mahone threatens him not to deceive him. Meanwhile, Lincoln returns the original book to Anthony and the two try to hire the gravedigger; but the latter's increased demand makes her kill him. Sucre quickly gets the job and as Scofield instructed, burns part of the fence surrounding Sona.

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