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Prison Break

Season 3 Episode 5

Runtime: 44 mins

Prison Break S3 E5

Prison Break Season 3 Episode 5


Scofield realizes that escaping at night is impossible because of the lights and patrolling jeeps. Mahone keeps watching Captain Hurtado, one of the tower guards. A French man arrives in Sona and is quickly deprived of his clothes and money by Sammy. He begins watching Whistler. Bellick tries to befriend him. He claims to know Whistler, making him anxious. Scofield and Whistler continue gathering the necessary tools and information; but Hurtado detects Whistler watching him and the guards storm in and close Scofield's cell; but Whistler manages to convince them of his innocence. Sucre is approached by Augusto, Lechero's partner outside, who pays him to get a package inside Sona; and Sammy recovers it. Bagwell gets involved with Lechero's concubine. While Lincoln and Lugo arrange for the plan outside, Scofield finds out that one of the tower guards is annoyed by the sunlight and turns his face to avoid it at a specific time; and Mahone reveals that Hurtado is addicted to coffee.

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