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Prison Break

Season 3 Episode 7

Runtime: 44 mins

Prison Break S3 E7

Prison Break Season 3 Episode 7


Scofield reveals that the duel is a plan to gather everyone in the yard, giving the duo the chance. Hurtado is drugged by Lugo as planned and the other guard turns his face away; but as the duo prepare to exit through Sammy's cell, he arrives and delays their plan. They get in "no man's land", but are forced to return before the guard notices. Sammy arrives and takes them to the ring. They tell Lechero that the problem is solved; but he says that they must fight until one is down according to the rules. They start hitting each other until the guard sees the rope hanging from the window. The guards storm in and kill one of Lechero's henchmen, humiliating Lechero for his inability to run the prison. Lincoln and Sucre try to save L.J. before he is killed, but fail and he is abducted. Meanwhile, Mahone feels that he needs to do the hearing soon because of showing withdrawal symptoms; but it is not possible. Lechero tells Scofield that he knows the latter was trying to break out and because of his actions, the former's position is threatened in Sona. Lechero demands Scofield to include him in the plan. Scofield sees Gretchen visiting Whistler.

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