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Prison Break

Season 3 Episode 8

Runtime: 43 mins

Prison Break S3 E8

Prison Break Season 3 Episode 8

Bang & Burn

Scofield tells Gallego to have his father give a message to Lincoln. Sammy convinces Lechero to recruit more men to consolidate their power. The General forces Anthony to get Whistler out by force; and she plans an assault on Sona and informs Whistler. Lechero shows a damaged underground corridor to Scofield. Whistler tries to kill Scofield before Lechero's return. The former claims to be claustrophobic and heads to the roof, followed by Scofield. As the assault starts, the two get to the roof and Scofield prevents Whistler from entering the helicopter and it is forced to retreat. Lincoln gets Scofield's message and realizes that they are in danger. The Company operatives attack them, being killed by Lincoln. The brothers' actions force the Company to rely on them again and not kill L.J. Meanwhile, Mahone asks Lang to get him the medication, which she doesn't in time and he fails the hearing. As a result of another escape attempt, the chief guard transfers Scofield out of Sona.

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