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Prison Break

Season 3 Episode 9

Runtime: 44 mins

Prison Break S3 E9

Prison Break Season 3 Episode 9

Boxed In

General Zavala, the new chief guard, tortures Scofield to talk. Mahone is returned to Sona and he continues struggling with symptoms. Bagwell and Whistler agree to get Sammy killed. The former offers Mahone drugs in exchange for killing Sammy, which he refuses. Meanwhile, Sucre has an apparent argument with Lincoln, prompting Anthony to have the former spy on Lincoln; but the argument is revealed to be a ruse to get Sucre inside. Scofield tells the truth to Zavala, who forces Whistler to reveal Anthony's true name, Gretchen Morgan, and her whereabouts. Zavala arrests Morgan and starts torturing her, with Scofield promising her revenge for Tancredi. One of Sammy's men challenges Bellick to the ring, in which the latter wins using a special chemical. Bagwell finds out about his trick. Morgan agrees to take Zavala and his soldiers to L.J's location, where she manages to free herself and kill them. Scofield and Whistler are returned inside by the new chief. Augusto tells Sammy move on Lechero and open the last package, which contains a gun.

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